Monday, April 23, 2007

Spring Cleaning Sale Kicks off with Palomino Bulk Pack Offer

It’s been a busy Winter and Spring and I haven’t had much of a chance to be active with new Timberlines posts or to address new items for the Pencil Word Creativity Store @ eBay. Since we’re trying to do a bit of Spring Cleaning we’ve come up with a couple new listings as special offers. When you do this at home in your study or kitchen you typically find pencils and other writing instruments tucked away in some drawer somewhere. Well we’re no different here so over the next several weeks we’ll be offering a number of Spring Cleaning Sale Items.

A number of our repeat customers have asked about possibility of buying Palomino products in higher bulk quantities. As luck would have it we found some basic sample packaging for a 72 count item lying around and have decided to run a test. So while listed supplies last we now have the following 4 items available in 72-count bulk quantities at a price offering something over 10% savings on a per pencil basis versus our normal graphite 6 pack counts. Each is packed with 6 banded dozens in a ½ gross box. Click on any of these items to link to that item in the store.

Palomino HB Orange – 72 count Bulk Pack
Palomino HB Orange w/ Erasers – 72 count Bulk Pack
Palomino 2B Orange – 72 count Bulk Pack
Palomino HB Blue – 72 count Bulk Pack

We do have some 36 count packaging as well and will look at listing these after the 72 count volumes sell through. Following these tests we’ll evaluate whether a full time addition of a 36 or 72 count Bulk pack option for certain Palomino items makes sense. We appreciate your feedback and interest in spurring us on to try out these bulk packs.

Next we’ve now added a simple Palomino Orange 2B - 6 pack offering so customers don’t need to go to trouble of ordering a Variety pack and sending us a message just to say they want 6 2B pencils since a 6 count pack in 2B has proved to be a popular request on our variety pack offering.

As our Spring Cleaning process continues we’ll be adding other special one time offers with a few combo sets of a variety of KUM sharpeners, some notebooks and journals with our pencils and perhaps a new series of Vintage & Collectable pencils that we have on hand.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Glad to see you post again.

Anonymous said...

These also appear to be unsharpened, unlike previous Palomino offerings. Is that correct?

It's great to see Timberlines active again!

WoodChuck said...

Yes, they are unsharpened.

We are migrating all our graphite Palomino offerings to unsharpened pencils in the packages in order to reduce any graphite dust from getting the pencils dirty during transport.

FYI - Have now added your Paper and Pencil site to my World of Pencils listing in my restructured margins.

Kiwi-d said...

I'll join in too. Glad to see you back with some new posts.

Words, Words, Words said...

Thanks for adding the bulk offerings... I snagged a couple 72-packs of Palominos with erasers. They're wonderful.

Jim G.

nippyhedgehog said...

I think that your Palominos are the best pencils being made today. I would buy 72-packs of the Palomino B and Palomino 2B if they were available.

WoodChuck said...

Nippy -

Thanks for the feedback. We have had good response to the tests of 36 and 72 count packs we had as sample packaging. As a result we are in the process of transitioning our packaging formats across the California Republic range with Palomino, Golden Bear and Prospector product lines. When these come in later this year we'll be able to offer Palomino in normal 6 count and in 12, 36 & 72 count multiples as well. For Golden Bear and Prospector we'll offer 12, 36, 72 & 144 count purchase options. All 12, 36, 72 & 144 counts will be packed in individually sleeved dozens.

nippyhedgehog said...

That is wonderful news, Woodchuck. I look forward to the new packaging.

I recommend the Palominos to my friends at every opportunity.