Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Nobel Economist Paul Krugman loses to a Pencil

I realize you're probably expecting a new "Revival of the Blackwing" post today, but just saw this and could not resist this bit of pencil related satire from Op-Toons Review. It directly references topics I've covered here in the past from Leonard Read's essay, "I, Pencil".

I particularly loved the line:
"It wasn't fair," Krugman complained after the show. "The pencil represents a vast collection of information that could never result from the orders of government bureaucrats working with economics experts like me. That blasted pencil is the product of a staggeringly sophisticated but spontaneous free enterprise..."
Read the full story here.
Don't worrry fans. Tomorrow you'll get to read why we're bothering with this whole Blackwing Revival thing anyway.

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