Friday, August 26, 2005

The Island in the River

Thanks to Alia for an insightful comment regarding my earlier post, Who's got the Biggest Pencil?. It's great to get some input from the artistic side. Not sure which "Tribe" Alia may belong to when it comes to her own pencil use, but she sure does put them to good use.

The Island in the River shown here is my favorite one of Alia's work in her developing project. Alia writes, "This project began as a desire to fill a pack of blank playing cards with images. Standard tarot meanings did not ring true to me, and so I began researching and writing my own tarot-like divination deck."

The textual reference for The Island in the River:
(Solitude) A place for thought and creative works isolated from the everyday world.
Reversed: Being swept away by the current. A need for rest from the press of the crowd. (Stampede)

Great Inspiration. I think I'll go get started drawing something in my new moleskine over the weekend.

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