Thursday, August 18, 2005

Nina's Pencil Point

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"Pencil Anti-Dumping Duties: Are Changes in the Air?"

But for now more from Nina...

She postulates on one of the factors that may have lead her to work within the pencil industry. Of course, I think she was more excited about working for a US company operating in China though it's clear she does have a heartfelt connection.

In any event we're very lucky to have Nina and many other dedicated team members at our Tianjin slat factory (aka TCW). This group contributes so much to assure our Cedar and basswood slats are produced to the exacting standards expected by our customers. Shown here are two of our TCW management group in our saw maintenance department where we have implemented the finest technology available to assure accurate and consistent dimensional performance.

I have a very different story with pencils.

When I was a young girl, (I am still very young though) - I was in primary school, one day after I sharpened my pencils, I hurt myself with the lead point, the top poked into my right palm, it went so deep inside that I could not take it out. My mother took me to the children's hospital immediately, and the doctor tried so hard finally he gave up - the lead top remains in my right palm forever. I used to worry if the lead could kill me one day, because the doctor said the point could move with my blood into my heart.

Fortunately about 30 years passed, the lead is still there, I am still alive, and I am working for the pencil industry. Maybe it is fate, I was meant in this field, I got a forever mark a long time ago. It is a OMEN.

Now when I see the lead on my palm, I always can read its name - Calcedar.


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