Monday, November 22, 2010

Re-Creating a Lead Legend

Our hometown paper The Stockton Record published a front page article this morning titled Re-Creating a Lead Legend. The article includes an interview with me as well as comments from Doug Martin of the American Pencil Collectors Society and John Gamber of Pencil Revolution blog.


John said...

That article turned out very well! I like that a PENCIL is getting so much press in the age of Twitter. And, to be sure, it's good for all pencil fans that it definitely lives up to the buzz. : )

Rider523 said...

I thought that you'd be amused by a passage I came across today in Nabokov's last novel, Look at the Harlequins:

"As I walked, I read those cards with you, at your pace, your diaphanous index at my rough peeling temple, my wrinkled finger at your turquoise temple-vein. I caressed the facets of the Blackwing pencil you kept gently twirling..."

Which a read, realizing, after a quick check, with a Palomino Blackwing in hand.